Southbank in the sunshine with the Bramley Road Girls 


On Saturday I met up with my best friends, the Bramley Road Girls. Rachel and I got the train down to London, dropped our bags at the Athenaeum Hotel and then rather excited, jumped in to a cab! …     It was a gorgeous day in the summer sunshine on the bustling Southbank. There […]

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Midlife Crisis or Still Young and With It?


It’s been a rather difficult few months and I kinda felt the need to do something a little wild! …. So today me and my sister, went and did this…. We got our ears pierced! I added 2 in my left ear and 1 in my right. My sister opted for 1 more piercing in […]

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Trend Alert : Marble Effect


The marble effect is easy to fall in love with, because of its soft pattern and cool textured look. It’s not surprising it’s back in fashion. I’ve seen some gorgeous home interiors from places like Rocket St George and Habitat, but I love how its coming through in to kids fashion and accessories too. As a […]

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Happy Holiday Time! 


It all started at 1.30am! And we made it! But it was a nightmare flight and Lorne was so tired but wouldn’t go to sleep. He was literally flipping out on the plane!  But, we arrived, got some lunch, got into our room, then dragged ourselves to the pool. Where we had a team meltdown, […]

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I’ve got a new job, tooth fairy!


Last night I went to work for the first time as a tooth fairy! I think I did ok! I managed to navigate through the toys on the floor, without stepping on anything or losing my balance. I managed to find the tooth (it was thoughtfully placed in a little pot, with the word ‘Tooth’ […]

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PART 2. The Vote Of Our Generation

Europe from space

If you read my blog post from the other day, The Vote Of Our Generation, then you’ll be aware of my thoughts and ramblings on why I had decided to vote IN!  Well for about 12 hours, I thought I’d finally made up my mind. Then doubts started to creep in.  This is such an […]

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The vote of our generation! 


So I’ll say this right at the beginning, I know very little about history, politics or economics. This post is written because an image caught my eye.  It started with me spotting an image on Instagram, that sent me scrolling through social media sites. Which initiated a quick flick through Wikipedia, that led to an […]

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Learning To Ride!


Our little boy is now six and has never been the most daring! He approaches anything new with caution, especially anything physical. We bought him his first bike for his third Birthday. It was covered in novelty characters, had a bell and back box, but it was quite a heavy thing! His little legs struggled to […]

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