Home to holiday!

Traveling with kids! In a month we will be jetting off for our first family holiday as a family of four, my husband, eldest son Monroe who is five and baby boy Lorne who will be just under six months. I’m so excited and looking forward to relaxing in the sunshine and going in the pool with my boys. But, before we get to that point, I have to do a lot of planning and organise how to get my family with the bare necessities through an airport, entertain them on a plane and keep them fed, watered and comfortable the length of our journey until we reach our holiday destination. 

I remember the days when going away meant packing a case full of new holiday clothes. Grabbing your passport before leisurely turning up at the airport, checking in and taking a stroll around the duty free shops. 

Traveling with children as organised as I try to be, really tests your blood pressure! The plan for getting us through the airport feels like some kind of military operation. I know one hundred percent that my Mr has not even had a millisecond thought about how we will make this transition from home to holiday. Where as I’ve been thinking about all aspects since the second we booked it! There’s no way to guarantee a completely stress-free flight, but with the right preparation, you can minimise the drama. 

This trip requires the mummy bag of all mummy bags! Ready for all eventualities, everything needs to be on hand at a drop of a hat, or more likely drop of a dummy, superhero toy or drink down clean t.shirt.

My biggest worry traveling with a baby, has always been packing enough milk for the entire journey. Especially when you have to go through airport security where they can request you open the sealed cartons to check the contents. These cartons are then wasted if they’re not used within two hours. 

So I’m relieved to have found out that you can actually pre-order baby formula and an assortment of other baby or beauty products through Boots online around five days before you travel. You then collect your order from the airport you are flying from, once you’ve gone through security. Just head to the Boots on the airport airside. Genius! I wish I’d known about this before. 

To avoid packing pretty much everything but the kitchen sink, below I’ve listed my mummy on the move travel essentials for getting through the airport and through a flight with a baby and young child. Plus items that are handy to have in your hand luggage for when you arrive at your destination. 

Baby (not yet weaned)

  • Nappies
  • Wet wipes
  • Nappy cream
  • Nappy sacks (also useful for rubbish, wet items, etc)
  • Changing mat
  • Dribble bib
  • Muslins
  • Large muslin (great lightweight blanket, cover up, shade) 
  • Spare outfit (ideally an all in one, easier to change)
  • Sun hat (for when you land) 
  • Bottles
  • Formula
  • Water Beaker (if the baby is hot/thirsty, but not hungry)
  • Dummy (use a dummy strap so your baby doesn’t lose his dummy in the airport)
  • Toy or book (for distraction & maybe get something new they haven’t seen before)


  • Reading book /Colouring book (my son likes the wipe clean cards)
  • Toys (that aren’t too small or come apart and could get lost easily on the plane)
  • iPad/tablet (with downloaded movies or games)
  • Snacks
  • Spare outfit
  • Drink bottle (decant drinks into a bottle to eliminate spillages)
  • Sun hat / Sunglasses

Whole Family

  • Suncream
  • Tissues
  • Hand sanitiser
  • Bottled water

For You

  • Paracetamol!
  • Book/Kindle (possibly wishful thinking, but if the kids are happy or fall asleep, you might want something to read! Or you might just be exhausted and want to use the opportunity to catch forty winks)
  • Sunglasses

Don’t forget!

  • Passports
  • Cash & cards
  • Mobile

Useful tips

  • Get your baby used to room temperature bottles, so you don’t have the additional hassle of trying to heat up bottles in the airport or on the plane.
  • Take a cheap lightweight umbrella buggy that can be taken right up to the boarding gate and quickly folded away. Particularly if you have a nice pushchair you don’t want thrown around by baggage handlers.
  • Finally, take little packets of disposable earplugs on the plane and hand them out to the passengers sitting closest to you if your baby is crying uncontrollably. It’ll take the pressure off you and hopefully keep other passengers less huffy and more on your side!

This post is also my entry into the Pink Lining Ambassador Search – Pink Lining #ItsInTheBagBaby.

If you’re going away, I hope you have a great time, I’ll let you know how I get on!!! Danni xx 

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A brief intro about me, i'm a wife and mother of two boys, living a life quite ordinary. I'm learning how to be a school Mum and trying to remember how to look after a toddler. I can't cook, I hate doing a food shop, but love any other kind of shopping oh & I'm trying to get fit again post baby. Read about my journey, as I try and keep the drama and chaos to a minimum and blog about my life and loves!

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