My first sports day … Oh and my sons!

Tomorrow is my sons first school sports day and mine as a school mum. It is ridiculous, I’m actually anxious about it! For two reasons;

Firstly – Monroe loves running! He practices round our garden, from bedroom to bedroom and wants to race us all the time. Bless him, he thinks he’s the fastest, he can beat anyone! So I’m worried he’s going to be disappointed if he doesn’t do well. He’s a sensitive little soul and in front of his whole school, Mum, Dad and Grandad, he’ll want to win. It’ll break my heart seeing his little face crumble when the bigger boys and girls in his class cross the line before him. 

So many times as a Mother you wish you could take their place, feel their pain for them, protect them from sadness, embarrassment, humiliation. Just like his first assembly, when he had to say his little line loud and clear, I’ll be holding my breath, anxiously sat on the edge of my seat whilst he runs his race. 

Secondly – the Mums race! So I’m not very fit, I had a baby five months ago, but I have been exercising and dare I admit it…. I’m a little bit competitive. I hate running as exercise, but I do like to sprint race! (Obviously where Monroe gets it from).

Part of me really wants to have a go. It’ll be fun! But then the other part of me can see how this could all go horribly wrong. No warm up, on your marks, get set, go… I make a good start, but then pull my hamstring or go over on my ankle and end up hopping off the track whilst every other Mother crosses the line! Oh the shame! And in front of the whole school, my Husband, Dad and Son. I’ll never live it down. And would it be the first time I truly embarrass my son at school? 

So to run or not to run, that is the question! 

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A brief intro about me, i'm a wife and mother of two boys, living a life quite ordinary. I'm learning how to be a school Mum and trying to remember how to look after a toddler. I can't cook, I hate doing a food shop, but love any other kind of shopping oh & I'm trying to get fit again post baby. Read about my journey, as I try and keep the drama and chaos to a minimum and blog about my life and loves!

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