Mom Life Mania

So my Friday to Monday blur goes something like this.

MummyMakeover, Mini, Friday school run, Night out, Hangover, Football, Family BBQ, Caravan, Minions, Pirate ship, Roast dinner, Monday morning madness!!!


Going to the hairdressers just isn’t the same when you have to take your baby! Normally I love my hour or so sat in the chair with a stack of gossip mags and coffee, whilst the hair dye does its thang! (I am way to young to embrace the grey!)

I go to a new organic hair salon on my high street, which means I can conveniently walk from home with the baby in buggy in the hope that he will fall asleep by the time I arrive for my appointment! No such luck! The girls at Organic Hair Angels in Chipping Campden are really lovely and helpful. Gem understood the need for speed when applying dye to my roots, whilst I was pulling silly faces at Lorne in the hope that they’d distract him long enough. Luckily my appointment was nice and early so we had the lovely salon to ourselves! I’m rather loving the new hair trend ‘Ecaile’, the brunette, caramel 2015 version of ombré, really suits my hazel eyes and freckly complexion. Even if I do say so myself!


Once I had been blow-dried into a swishy, bouncy version of my usually lank, wind matted self, bubba and I raced home, jumped into the current set of wheels and headed over to check out some new ones! My Mr and I change our cars more often than most. Mainly due to boredom and the occasional bad purchase. We are currently planning to have a total switch around and the Mr is going to have the big family motor and I’m going to have a little fun bug for school runs and general day to day whizzing around. So I went to our nearest Mini garage to annoy the sales guy, by asking him if I can see if my pram fits in the boot. Mini may have to come up with a new name, because they really aren’t so mini anymore! Pleased to report a Mamas and Papas Armadillo Flip XT does fit inside the boot of a Mini Cooper D! I’ll take that.

Photo 06-07-2015 11 43 35

Night out

You may have read my previous post about avoiding mumsiness and the purchase of new red shoes! Well Friday night was our first outing. To achieve one simple night out in new shoes it takes a lot of planning. I had to organise a babysitter, taxi and book a table, the easy stuff, kind of, as we were lucky with babysitter availability. Much harder to organise is the Friday after school grumpy five year old and very happy, excited and wide awake five month old. I literally started the mission of getting ready for the taxi at 7.30pm from 3.30pm! Yes, I had four hours to get the children fed and ideally in bed and me dressed and ready to go out! The shoes and I had a fab night out, with great friends and the Mr was on form!!We went for Thai at giggling squid in Stratford Upon Avon and then drinks at the Lazy Cow. Followed by a funny cab ride home that tested bladder control and a late night drunken what’s app chat with my ‘Bramley Road Girls’

Family fun

We woke Saturday morning both feeling a little bit hungover, but from somewhere I found the energy to take Monroe to football at 9.30am!! I paid for it later in the afternoon as I tried to find the energy to give Monroe reasons why he couldn’t go on the bouncy castle for a third time at the village fete! Bouncy castle boredom! In the evening we went over to my sisters for a great British BBQ, cooked in the oven after we got smoked out by coals that wouldn’t get hot, whilst wrapped in jumpers on a cold summer evening. Good times though, with this crazy gang!

Photo 04-07-2015 20 54 07


Life just isn’t straight forward! Sunday started with us arriving nearly two hours later than planned to see my Dad at a local caravan site. He was having a weekend away, in a field, about 45 minutes from where he lives. (Sorry Dad, in case you read this, I just don’t get it)

For the afternoon I’d bought tickets for Monroe and I to see the new Minions movie at the picturehouse in Stratford. All was seemingly going to plan, until we got stuck in traffic getting in to town, then the car park next to the cinema was closed. So we had to drive back down the road, join the ques again, pull into another car park and run back down the road in order to get there for the start of the film. Even though we were five minutes late, I bought us popcorn and sweets to treat the little guy, as it was only his second cinema trip and then we ran up the steps to get our ticket purchase scanned. Turns out I bought tickets for Minions in Stratford, London! What the …. I felt like I might cry knowing how disappointed my little boy was going to be.

Luckily my face obviously looked a bit wobbly and the kind girl took us back down stairs to talk to the manager, who kindly gave us two tickets for their viewing starting in ten minutes. They also gave us glasses as it was a 3d version. I’ve not been to a 3d film before and I found the glasses a bit annoying, I could see the glass frames. Monroe also wasn’t that thrilled with the glasses as they kept falling off his face! It was only when we got in the car to go home, I realised the glasses were different sizes and I’d obviously been wearing the kids pair! I blame the dark cinema and unclear packaging! Mummy Fail!

Photo 05-07-2015 17 33 12

Monday Madness

After a busy weekend, Monday morning school run always seems even more manic. Totally unorganised and exhausted it’s a workout running up and down the stairs and around each room locating school books, PE kit, water bottle, suncream, cap, school shoes and nagging a moody five year old to hurry up and eat his toast otherwise we’ll be late. After five year old is deposited in school it’s home to clear up the mess from the weekend and fix the pirate ship we made in haste on Sunday evening that is required for pirate day boat competition on Tuesday!


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