I’ve said YES to the dress! 

What a relief i’ve found a dress that fits and I actually like. With the amount of hours I’ve spent trawling the internet, you’d think I was the one getting married! Nope, I’m just a guest. I’ve already been there, done that, I trotted down the aisle nearly 10 years ago, eek!

My excitement and dress search is for the fast approaching nuptials of one of my besties, getting married this September. She is also the last bride that I have had the pleasure to help find her wedding dress and offer styling advice (I used to own a bridal boutique, The White Rose) and this weekend was her final dress fitting. I can share a few pics from her awesome hen do!

Obviously as the bride, what she is wearing is the big deal of the day, but I can’t give any of that info away. What I can share is, hooray, I’ve found my gown and said yes to the dress, yes I know I’m just a guest, but yay!

I had our second son in January, so I’ve been freaking out about trying to find a dress to fit my post baby body. Also something a bit different in the hope that another guest won’t turn up wearing it! I’ve been to a few weddings where there have been two ladies in the same dress. Awkward!

The search!

Luckily I have a bit of a google habit because shopping with a five year old and baby is next to impossible.

My epic search actually started back in April. Did I mention the wedding is in September? Yes, I have been on the hunt, from the comfort of my sofa for four months.

By accident I bought a pair cobalt blue shoes back in March because that’s one thing you can buy quickly whilst out with a baby and when you can’t find any clothes to fit, buy shoes!

So my dress hunt started with me trawling the high street via the internet, looking for a dress to go with the shoes! Starting with my feet, working my way up!

One afternoon back in April, after the delivery guy, that I now know rather well, had dropped off a mammoth ASOS order, my sister popped over and I tried on a load of dresses I thought would possibly work! Err, well I got that wrong!

I thought I’d try something a bit different, it didn’t work! Boobs are too big, hips too narrow, legs too skinny, waist to round! Basically my figure is like an apple on two twiglets or an upside down triangle on pipe cleaners! A challenging shape to find a dress to fit! They certainly don’t fit me like the model!

My next few orders, relying on ASOS solely, delivered again by my new mate from DPD, also failed to unveil a winner. No pics of me this time and thank goodness ASOS understand strange shoppers like me. Buying 10 dresses at a time and returning them all two days later.

2015-05-02 13.09.00 2015-08-14 13.31.33-1

I did find a dress to go with the blue shoes, but decided it wasn’t the one because I needed extreme underwear to hold me in place! Plus, by now i’ve gone off the blue shoes!

The one!

Finally I figured it out! ASOS petite works for me! Shorter in the bodice, ideally a skirt with a pleat and a floral pattern to disguise the lumps & bumps. Bring on the winner… oh and a new pair of shoes to go with it!

This post is not sponsored by ASOS, but I can highly recommend!

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A brief intro about me, i'm a wife and mother of two boys, living a life quite ordinary. I'm learning how to be a school Mum and trying to remember how to look after a toddler. I can't cook, I hate doing a food shop, but love any other kind of shopping oh & I'm trying to get fit again post baby. Read about my journey, as I try and keep the drama and chaos to a minimum and blog about my life and loves!

2 thoughts on “I’ve said YES to the dress! 

  1. Hey Danni! great post and dress choice (even though the white dress was also a great fit). If you don’t, mind can you share which size the white/red floral dress is? I am thinking of getting something similar but as this dress is from the petite collection, i’m not sure how sizing work :/

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    1. Hi, thanks for your message. My dress is a size 8 petite. I’m short in the torso, so petite fits me better. It’s from ASOS, so you could order a petite, or standard fit and return the styles that don’t suit you. In some dresses they have petite, standard & tall. Good luck finding your dress 😊


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