Downing spinach like popeye!

I’m a bit late, but i’m jumping on the Nutribullet bandwagon and giving it a go.

I did really well last year losing the baby weight and getting fit. Then towards the end of the year I let it all slide and over Christmas I totally indulged!

I now feel tired, have no energy and I’m struggling to get things done. My skin looks terrible and my nails are really brittle.

So it’s time to make a change and start my new year health kick, yep I know I’m nearly 30 days late!

I’m not keen on cooking, hate food shopping and have no idea what to eat each day. So that’s how I get through so many biscuits!

The Nutribullet appeals to me because it’s quick, easy and convenient. The gadget design means it’s quick to clean, so I can literally rinse it after use and it’s ready for the next day.

The box contains starter recipes and then different stages of a programme to go through as you become a juicing pro!

I’ve never liked smoothies or juices with seeds or pulp! Bleugh!! But I’ve been told the Nutribullet is different, because it blends or ‘extracts’ as they describe it, everything, meaning you are left with a smooth juice.

So here goes …

For my first concoction I’ve followed one of their recommended recipes;

Toxic Cleansing Blast

  • Spinach
  • Pear
  • Banana
  • Apple
  • Pineapple
  • Water

It’s very…. Green!

Be brave, it’s all the rage!!! It can’t be as bad as it looks!!!

My verdict…
Well I couldn’t taste the banana or spinach, so that’s good! It was actually quite tasty. Very fresh! It was also very smooth, no bits, lumps or stringy stuff!

I’d obviously prefer a glass of prosecco or a chocolate eclair! So it’ll take will power and commitment to make it a new permanent lifestyle choice, rather than just a fad! That’s my challenge….



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A brief intro about me, i'm a wife and mother of two boys, living a life quite ordinary. I'm learning how to be a school Mum and trying to remember how to look after a toddler. I can't cook, I hate doing a food shop, but love any other kind of shopping oh & I'm trying to get fit again post baby. Read about my journey, as I try and keep the drama and chaos to a minimum and blog about my life and loves!

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