Mamas meet up Daylesford

Yesterday I met up with a couple of gorgeous friends I haven’t seen in while, Jessie and Ruth. I met them both originally through wedding world, but since my business burnt down and then baby number two came along, I’ve been somewhat busy and out of touch.

So today we finally got to catch up! We chose to meet at Daylesford organic farm in the Cotswolds. One of the most gorgeous places you can visit for lunch and a little mooch around.

As well as the cafe and restaurant, there is an organic food shop, clothing and accessory boutique, flower shop, cook shop, cookery school and spa.


The florals are just amazing, buckets of beautiful flowers and the scent is intoxicating. I loved the shelves with perfectly lined bottles of fragrances and on the tables, piles of exquisite books.


Jessie and Ruth each run their own event styling and planning businesses and rewind a few years to me as a bridal boutique owner, our paths crossed and our friendship formed.

What I love about these two is their amazing creativity, their strong, confident personalities, passion and drive. They are both mums of two and both have created successful businesses from scratch.

Part of the reason for our long overdue catch up, was because I wanted to share my new business venture with them and talk through my ideas. It’s so liberating to chat with other women that have the same sense of ambition and determination. That are juggling work and family life but amongst it all are striving to create a lifestyle that fulfills them.

I’m looking forward to seeing more of these two and the lovely Augie as we join forces and create something new. Watch this space! #girlboss

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A brief intro about me, i'm a wife and mother of two boys, living a life quite ordinary. I'm learning how to be a school Mum and trying to remember how to look after a toddler. I can't cook, I hate doing a food shop, but love any other kind of shopping oh & I'm trying to get fit again post baby. Read about my journey, as I try and keep the drama and chaos to a minimum and blog about my life and loves!

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