Mumpreneur Feature #2

Jessie Thomson Weddings & Events

My second Mumpreneur feature is about the lovely Jessie. We met back in 2011 when I opened my bridal boutique. Appreciating her creative style, we became acquainted through industry networking events and it quickly became apparent we were working with the same fashion forward brides, which led to us mutually recommending one another to new clients. We worked together on photo shoots, my favourite being the one below at Barnsley House, Cotswolds, where I provided the dresses and accessories. Jessie also helped me organise some of my bridal styling events, which were a great success. We shared much in common as working mums, growing new businesses.


Introducing Jessie Thomson, a modern, luxury wedding planner and creative stylist based in the Cotswolds and Mama to her two gorgeous little ones, Flora 4 and Augustus 18 months.  

3 facts about you: I live in Cheltenham but grew up in Stroud, I have two poodle crossbreed dogs (one who has been part of the family for 7 years now, and the other a little rescue dog who is just over 1 year old), I used to work in the city after completing my law degree!

How long ago did you set up Jessie Thomson Weddings & Events: I started the business six years ago now.

What type of events do you plan?: I plan personal celebrations – mostly weddings, but occasionally other milestone events and children’s parties. I don’t do corporate events anymore, those days are well behind me!

What is your style?: My clients would normally want to describe the events I design for them as classic, beautiful, timeless, luxurious, elegant and personal. I’m not drawn to ostentatious or vulgar event design – I’m trying to redefine luxury in that sense, it’s far more than a price tag.

What inspires you?: Life, nature, art, fashion, interiors…. it’s never ending. The best event design plans, are always those that don’t try to fight the setting or try too hard to create trends. Instead focus on the quality of each individual element so that it comes together beautifully and entices all of the senses for the guests. For my clients it is the location and their personal style preferences that ultimately forms the rest of the styling choices.

Where is your dream location to plan & style and event?: Anywhere with lots of natural light, amazing grounds and beautiful interior design – from bohemian destination weddings in Morocco to elegant country houses in England – that’s still what I look for!

What is the best thing about running your own business: The autonomy, the ability to choose your clients and the direction you take your creative endeavours. It’s not just business for me, and that’s the most amazing thing – to genuinely wake up and love the work you do and want to do it even if you weren’t being paid.

What is the hardest thing about running your own business: Learning to strike the balance between work and life – when your work is your passion it’s easy to blur the lines, but essential to take time out to connect with friends and family. It’s something I’ve only recently got good at, although, even if I take time off I am almost always thinking about it anyway!

What exciting things have you got planned for 2016: A couple of really fabulous editorial shoots – I always try to do one a year so that I continue to push boundaries and feed my creative soul. Essential to keep you moving forward and allows me to trial ideas before presenting them to clients.

Where can people follow you?:

Twitter @Jessie_Thomson

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