PART 2. The Vote Of Our Generation

If you read my blog post from the other day, The Vote Of Our Generation, then you’ll be aware of my thoughts and ramblings on why I had decided to vote IN! 

Well for about 12 hours, I thought I’d finally made up my mind. Then doubts started to creep in. 

This is such an impossible decision! It is very confusing and it is difficult to decipher true fact, from information coming from a perspective with an agenda or bias!

Having read more, I’ve realised there is a great concern as to how strong the EU actually is. The LN failed, will the EU too? We are not the only country considering leaving and many in the Eurozone are struggling. (Image of countries in the Eurozone)

If we do end up OUT, then there will be a huge amount of things to negotiate and sort out. Here in the UK and with relations across the world. But, none of this is going to happen overnight. So in the same way that we opted out of the Eurozone through negotiations, but maintained relations. Then I can’t understand why we can’t negotiate new trade agreements for example with the remaining EU and then have the freedom to trade with the rest of the world. 

I wonder if the biggest changes would be made to the actual set up of the EU, rather than the UK. If you look at the graphic below, then you can see that we are one of the top contributors to the EU budget, so if we were to leave this would have a huge impact. Which explains why the other countries are so keen for us to stay in. Should our contribution be the reason we stay? 

In 2007, five countries – Germany, France, Italy, the UK, and Spain – contributed nearly half of the budget. 

In fact, Germany alone – Europe’s largest economy – paid more than the 19 lowest-paying member states combined. (Source)

Choosing to vote OUT of the EU, does not mean turning our back on Europe or becoming a selfish little Island!

I don’t believe it means closing borders or blocking asylum seekers. 

The IN campaign has focused on what we have gained in civil rights, but I don’t believe voting OUT, means going backwards.

We can still contribute to the EU and help our neighbours, but on our terms. Something that works for us too. It is something we can negotiate. 

I still believe a lot of what I said in my previous post and am grateful of where our lives are. I feel personally as a women and mother, we are particularly fortunate to be living in this country. 

That being said, our future is uncertain, whichever way we vote, IN or OUT, but having read more, I’m less worried about the UK on its own. I’m more worried about the EU and what happens if we stay in. 

Below is some information I was sent to read by an independent person, who has gathered as many facts as possible in order to make a judgement based on those facts, not scares. 

The EU website publicises the Accounts which are complicated but show;

The £18 Billion we pay, then get back £5 Billion and the 6.9 Million we received back as successful bids for our money. 

The EU Accounts web site show a definitive cost to the UK of 19.8 Billion in the budget at Feb 2016. This includes the import tax and vat we have to pass over-which seems to have been lost in the scare mongering.

No mention is made of the VAT monies which the EU have from us around £3 Billion, which by the way are increasing by 2020. 

OTHER COUNTRIES HAVE SPECIAL DEALS – Why have the politicians not mentioned any of these deals? Croatia and the two prospective members have gained an agreement that in their first 3 years of membership they will receive back at least the amount they put in. 

BUT – is it really about the amount of money it costs us?

Should it not be the principle? – do we like to give our money over to a group who then decide, if or when we should get it back – inevitably being one of the richest of the group we will not get it all back. 

Which raises the point that is this really overseas aid, over which we have no say? 

So the question is, how generous should we be? 

Do we want to be giving this amount of money to this group? 

If OUT of the EU, we could choose to donate some of it as part of the overseas aid to ‘EU countries.’


Business will continue in or out. However, the EU members are not in a good financial state and therefore this is a reducing market for us. Whilst at the same time they restrict our ability to trade outside it. Access to the very large and prosperous market such as china and India. USA Trade department said they want to trade with us, in or out, a quick correction made after Obama’s statement. 

The EU cannot afford for us to leave – we are one of the 4 which keeps it afloat and with France now bankrupt they are all very nervous. That’s why Germany wants us to stay – sharing the burden. 

If we vote to leave it would give the government an opportunity to actually achieve a proper change in the system. The EU needs reforming and the only way to achieve this is to vote to leave. 

Markets are uncertain but that also happens at general election time. Would anyone suggest that we don’t change the government because the markets will have a period of uncertainty?

We are the 5th largest economy – we should have enough confidence in our own country to release ourselves from these restrictive practices. We can achieve reform by voting to leave. 

The government told us 989,000 National Insurance numbers were issued but the Nat Ins office saying its 2 million. The exposure to our health system and our pensions is more than we can afford. The allocation of these numbers allows the holders and the families to receive benefits and pensions where ever they are. It is well known that currently we cannot pay for our pensioners now and this is predicted without disagreement to get worse for ourselves, without the added pressure of immigration. 

Membership to the EU with the current rules will bankrupt the next generation. Because the path the EU currently follows is bringing in poor countries, which the richer ones pay for. The problem with that is that some of these countries do not have the ability to run themselves in a manner which is self sustaining. So, the richer will forever be subsidising them.  

Do we want to have control over our own finance- health-pensions-defence-criminal expulsion-immigration? 


Trade, in or out, long term will not be detrimentally affected.

Free movement will continue but in a different format.

We can continue to financially support Europe as we choose.

We could give grants to our own people using our own criteria

We could use some of the funds to support the social services which have been cut. 

MOST IMPORTANTLY – it will achieve an EU reform which WE can be part of.

So which way will you vote?

The vote of our generation

The EU referendum debate is confusing. It’s hard to decipher the facts, especially when we are bombarded daily by opposing opinions. 

In my last post I said, what we do know is what we have been able to achieve, the rights we have gained, the opportunities made available whilst being part of the EU. 

I believe we are better when we work together, but do we need to be in the EU with all of its restrictions? And for how long will the EU as we know it, continue? 

Now is the time to vote, is this our time to leave?


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